Polarizing Pesto

February 18, 2011

I love cilantro, but I know people who can’t stomach it or even sniff it. I read an article to that effect last year in the New York Times, too. But Nicole and I love it. Cilantro pesto has been a go-to meal for us lately. To us, it’s tasty, savory, herbacious and fresh. We used to have green curry more than once a month. Cilantro pesto has taken its place.

We make it in our own ways. Nicole is more adherent to the pesto label — she uses nutritional yeast. I don’t, but we both use garlic, aminos, tamari, pumpkin seeds and oil. Sometimes I throw in peanuts and ginger, too.

It makes a wonderful sauce for stir fried vegetables and rice or raw vegetables and papadums or even, if you diluted it, salad dressing. It isn’t something we tire of. We can’t get enough.

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