Hope and Late Harvest

September 26, 2009

One of our favorite places in the Valley (or the world really) is Hope & Olive in Greenfield. It’s one of the most easygoing and comfortable restaurants, there is creativity all over the menu (which changes often), they have great beer and wine and they are always willing to accommodate vegans. Recently, we had a wonderful Mediterranean board, a fabulous grilled radicchio salad and an African peanut stew (no photo).  We’ve been impressed every time we’ve been there.

Although our harvest wasn’t solid in many ways — we planted much more than what materialized — we had a nice, late harvest with tomatoes, cabbage and carrots. We also bought a beautiful and tasty buttercup squash that we used for a brown rice risotto.


Cookin’ it Up

September 16, 2009

We’ve seriously made some of the tastiest dishes lately. No, seriously. Really!

We made an Indonesian Tempeh recipe with peanuts and green beans that was superfantasalicious. We also made a great lemon-pepper-caper-cream pasta from a Milennium Restaurant cookbook and followed our own recipes for a broccoli pesto and a hazelnut-fig salad.

Bela lasagna

September 4, 2009

It’d been a while, but we made it to Bela (68 Masonic St., Northampton) again recently, and we were asking ourselves why the hell we stayed away so long? We both had teriyaki tempeh with kale, which was excellent. Their meals are usually fairly simple (protein with a vegetable), but super tasty. They know what they’re doing with vegetarian food — it’s all cooked expertly, the choices vary daily and their sauces can sometimes be exotic. They’re always delicious.

Our potato and tomato crops were especially abundant, so we decided to combine them. Potato lasagna seemed to fit. We layered roasted potatoes with homemade tomato sauce (with herbs from our garden) and tofu ricotta. It turned out to be yummy. We recently heard a Vegan Freak podcast with Vegan Joy, which gave us the idea for tofu ricotta. They mentioned a vegan chevre on the podcast.