For the Animals

April 27, 2010

We visited For the Animals sanctuary in Blairstown, NJ last week. We were up close and personal with the resident animals due to the sanctuary’s smaller size. Debbie, the woman who runs the sanctuary is a doll. We enjoyed talking with her, learning about the animals and looking at her beautiful jewelry that you can see here
Highlights of our visit were Amy, the baby cow and Rocky, the blind Sharpei.


Here are sme highlights from recent meals:

Biscuits, sausage and gravy: These biscuits are super easy to make. We fried up some Gimme Lean sausage patties and made a delicious gravy with nutritional yeast. Who knew we could have such scrumptuous biscuits and gravy.

Fiddleheads!: One of our favorite vegetables is in season…fiddleheads. They were the highlight of this meal, but we’d also like to mention the multigrain pilaf and endive with avocado mousse we had on the side.

Jerky jerk: Jerk tofu with peppers and onions alongside a pineapple coconut rice.

We’ve been a little lagging in our postings. Here’s what we’ve been doing in the past few months:

For Valentine’s Day we had French onion soup with melted vegan mozzarella, bagna cauda with bread and a lavender almond cashew caramel chocolate tartlet for dessert from our favorite bakery. The wine pictured here is Ku De Ta, a great Argentinian Malbec.

We also had a gumbo meal in honor of Mardi Gras. We made spicy tofu and gumbo with dirty rice on the side. It turned out very well, and our friends Kim, Dan and Tara were there to share in the feast.

Last, our friends cooked a nice Indian meal. Pictured here is the curry tofu, basmati rice and papadums.

Signs of Growth

April 9, 2010

It’s a nice time to take photos around the yard. Lots of flowers and plants are spreading their seeds and flourishing. I wish I could identify more of the plants popping up, but we do have a lot of daffodils, forsythia and irises beginning.