Super Summer ‘Xperimenting

August 23, 2010

Corn, zucchini, tomatoes have all been superb this summer. I guess that’s what happens when the sun to rain ratio is ten days to one day? Anyway, we’ve taken advantage of this by making some tasty things like squash and corn tacos. We’ve also eaten a lot of corn on the cob with herb dipping sauces.

We’ve also eaten a lot of tomatoes in a lot of forms. We tried gazpacho, salsa, pizza, various salads and sauces, stuffed tomatoes and a tomato-puff-pastry pie with tofu pesto

Another of our favorite summer experiments was making micheladas — a kind of Mexican beer cocktail with tomato juice, lime, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. It’s like a Bloody Mary with beer instead of vodka. One probably can’t drink a lot of these, but they are delicious, refreshing and so flavorful.

Recently, we also made dumplings. I can’t say how many we ate, but my stomach expanded to an extreme extent. Excellent!

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