Out and About

July 15, 2010

Sierra has always been a staple in our weekend and/or downtown visits. We’d generally have snacks there, and the vegan sides (including hummus, potatoes, green beans, olives, asparagus and special soups) are always great. It wasn’t generally a go-to full meal place though. This changed recently because we tried their grilled tempeh during a recent family dinner. It was excellent. We paired it with the ale-onion-mushroom sauce, potatoes and a special quinoa salad. Great dinner in addition to their always superb drinks.

Nicole sat atop the Sierra recently, too, when she ventured downtown to Mulino’s. Probably an overdue visit, and it turned out to be rewarding. Nicole went with her mother and enjoyed a plate of puttanesca.  She also enjoyed the bread, wine and especially the company.

Before our trip to Oregon, we also visited Chatham, NY to see friends. Chatham is a nice, small town with a great bar and an excellent Mex place with a bunch of vegan options. We had outstanding guacamole, enchiladas and tofu fajitas. The fajitas had a wonderful grilled taste, and I think they used soy sauce, so my eastern/western mingling aversion might have relaxed.

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