March 17, 2010

Maybe I’m just a crazy vegan, but it seems to me that many people think of us as being “deprived.” I have to disagree, and I’ve done this many times here. Our pizza is good. Our nachos are good. Our desserts are good. Maybe I’m too caught up in my veganism to know the difference, but I think, unless you’re tasting dairy/non-dairy versions of these things one after another or you’re a skeptical carnivore, it’s tasty and not drastically different from “normal” dishes.

To this point, Nicole and I cooked a great pasta vodka sauce. We used soy milk, diced tomatoes, some marinara, capers and vodka. No doubt one would have to have some trained tastebuds to know the sauce was non-dairy. Delicious stuff.

Another substitution that might not be so easily imagined — tempeh reubens. They are wonderful though and common on vegetarian menus. We’ve used a recipe from Veg News several times to great effect. It has a lot of herbs/spices in it (dill, garlic, paprika, bay leaves and more), grilled onions, sauerkraut and dairy-free Thousand Island Dressing. Great flavors that I would present to any cantankerous carnivore.


One Response to “Substitutes?”

  1. conradvisionquest said

    i totally agree! i think people think that veganism=deprivation because that’s what they’ve heard, and they haven’t been shown any different. once i start cooking for people, they don’t go away “deprived!” they usually can’t eat all i make. that vodka sauce sounds awesome! i will have to experiment with that…

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