Bodaciousness: Bagna Cauda, Bruschetta, Tofu Quiche and Bela

March 12, 2010

Nicole has been making a marvelous bagna cauda (italian for “hot bath”) from The Urban Vegan cookbook. It has to be some of the most flavorful food I’ve tasted, and it’s quite simple. You fry garlic in olive oil and then add mushrooms and miso. It’s salty and garlicky and breathtakingly yummy. We usually use it as a bread dip, but we’ve also used it as a veggie dip, and it pairs very well with red wine. We made tofu ricotta, grilled balsamic artichokes and traditional bruschetta to have with the bagna cauda. This was dining well, but also simply and inexpensively.

We both love chard and quiche and saw a recipe in Veg News for a chard and tofu quiche. It turned out very well, and we realize we need to make it more often.

Earlier this week, we went to Bela for the first time in a while, and we were extremely satisfied (as usual) with our meals.  I had peanut and red curry mixed veggies with tofu, and Nicole had five-spice and cilantro tempeh and bok choy. Bela does such a great job overall, and individually, their service, cooking, presentation and creativity really can’t be beat. We feel fortunate to have it in our area.


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