February 22, 2010

We made a delicious Indian Cauliflower with tofu and quinoa. We were inspired by a cauliflower dish from a Watertown restaurant called Red Lentil. We made ours with cilantro, chile sauce, chick pea flour and other Indian seasonings.

We also did a mushroom-chile cream sauce from Millennium and put it on top of squash with grilled peppers and onions. It was so flavorful we ended up eating most of the sauce as soup. The depth of flavor could be attributed to the smokiness and umami of the chiles and mushrooms, I think.

We tried a “drunken pasta” with red wine and spinach. We cooked the noodles until they were a few minutes from being done, drained them and put them into a pot of boiling red wine to finish. The color was vibrant and the flavor was good, though not exceptional.

We are thankful to friends for recommending tortilla soup and providing us with ancho and pasilla chile peppers to make it. They add such a wonderful earthiness and layered flavor. We topped it with guacamole, blue corn chips and Daiya cheese (which is the best of vegan cheese). It’s hard to believe we hadn’t tried it before.


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