Comfort Vegan

December 30, 2009

Based on Bela’s recipe for corn chowder, we decided to do it ourselves, and the results were delicious. Our base was onions, peppers, corn and coconut milk.  We added Rapunzel veggie broth cubes, soy milk, nutritional yeast, Tapatio and maybe some Earth Balance? Not sure, but the sweetness of the corn and coconut worked so well with the savory power and depth of the onions, peppers and broth/nutritional yeast. We added crushed blue corn chips and guacamole for appearance. Can’t wait to do it again soon. It’s true vegan comfort food.

Our friends at Evolution do comfort food well, too.  We had a shepherd’s pie from there along with a veggie crescent pie. Both were rich and satisfying meals and incorporated great textures, including flaky crusts and chewy veggies and tofu substitutes. As big as our servings were, we couldn’t resist finishing them off at one sitting.


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