Help Save One

August 19, 2009

This is Nicole talking on this post. I have good news today. The beagle we fostered this summer is doing well in her new home. Please see her success story at the following link

It was a goal of mine to foster a dog this summer. Fostering helps make room in shelters for other incoming companion animals waiting to be adopted.  Fostering potentially saves two lives, that of the foster animal and the one allowed into the shelter in the foster’s place. As a foster, one acts as a shelter, caretaker and adoption agent. The experience was tough but rewarding. Huge parts of me wanted to keep the dog, but keeping her would have meant an end to our fostering  as we already have two rescue dogs at home. I’m happy to report that the little beagle was adopted quicly and now spends her days in her forever home with two adults and two beagles (just think of the noise in that house!).

This post is a plea to anyone who reads it. There is much that we can do in order to save unwanted dogs from loneliness and eventual euthanisia. Please consider the following:

Foster (if possible)

Spay or neuter your pet

Donate to or volunteer at a rescue organization or ocal animal shelter (Underdogresq, Throwaway Pups, Hep Save One…)

Adopt from a shelter or rescue organization!!!

Spread the word

Perhaps the most important issue here is the issue of adopting a pet and not going to a breeder. The choice of going to a breeder is a selfish act and one that serves the human far more than it does the animal. If there is a certain dog that you want, believe me, you can find it through a rescue group or shelter. Want a puppy? Go to or Petfinder, there are many available. Consider this: every dog bought from a breeder is another dog needlesly put to death. Also consider the female dogs who are forced into pregnancy only to have their babies taken from them. It’s a business, an ugly one in my opinion.

I am so excited about our fostering experience and feel fortunate that we have the space and willingness to do it again soon.


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