Beer might be the key

July 20, 2009

 June 10, 2009

Both these dishes were super tasty, and beer was used as a foundational ingredient. It builds in so much flavor.

I cooked some black and refried beans with onions, enchilada sauce and beer. Nicole made her delicious nutritional-yeast nacho-cheese dip (water, pimentos, nutritional yeast, jalapenos, flour), and we sauteed some peppers and onions. We then combined these ingredients for tasty results.

Beer-mustard-soy Tempeh
I pan fried some tempeh in olive oil. I then made a sauce based on a previous recipe. I combined veggie broth, beer, mustard and soy sauce for a flavorful result. I cooked some onions and mushrooms in olive oil, beer and later, the sauce and tempeh. I recommend this dish. It has a meaty flavor.

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Stir-fry salad

I bought bok choy at the Amherst Farmer’s Market. We had leftover salad ingredients and used some garlic greens from our garden to stir fry with the bok choy. We served the dish over quinoa.

The dressing was fairly simple and delicious. (I’m against giving out measurements — I think it should be left up to the maker/eater to decide how much ingredients to use. I’m thinking most people have a built-in gauge.) I used rice vinegar, peanut butter, half of an avocado, half of a cucumber, a scallion, tamari and lime juice. Our small food processor did most of the work.


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